Friday, October 14, 2005

We're back!

It was my intention to post throughout our vacation but I just didn't make it. So, that means there is a lot to catch up on. Since I did post about the family reunion, I'll start with the next event which was the BBQ at the Reinoso's. It was wonderful to see these guys, who've been friends since high school, gathered on the deck with their respective spouses and kids, watching the game and swapping stories. A really fun day.
The next evening we went to the Hagey's (another friend from high school) for dinner. That was a stressful night for us because J and D (especially J) were absolute bullies to their kids. My theory is that since the boys always have each other to knock around that they're used to more rough play than kids who are only children or just not used to rough play. And it seems that if a kid doesn't "fight back", that J just gets rougher and rougher. That and we need to limit their sugar intake. Too much ice cream makes J a very naughty boy.
The next day we headed up to Andover, MA to visit our friends, the Tenore's. J and R are practicing Muslims and it was the first day of Ramadan, so we weren't sure what to expect and wanted to make sure we weren't keeping them from anything. We arrived just before sundown - perfect timing! - and R laid out a feast on the table. First, we broke the fast with a sweet, cold soup with fruit in it. Next, a large bowl of chicken soup with pasta and meatballs was put in front of us. Then, the main course: fried chicken drumsticks, chicken curry, jasmine rice, and baked haddock. It was utterly delicious. Finally, we finished off our dinner with tea and cake. Then the boys and their daughter, C, gave chase around the house. C took the early lead - the girl is fast and J maintained a good distance behind her. D brought up the rear and got lapped once or twice. We had a talk with the boys before we got there about the importance of sharing and being kind to C so they were much better than they had been the night previous. The next day, the Tenore's were kind enough to take us through Boston for a quick tour and walk around at Harvard Square. Then we were off for Hyannis to catch the ferry to Nantucket.
Next up - Nantucket with special devotion to the Eddie/Elizabeth wedding.

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