Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where a kid can be a kid

Last night Uncle Julian picked up the boys so T and I could attend a Mehndi party for our friend Rishika who's wedding we are going to tomorrow and Saturday (long story). When Uncle Julian got the boys in the car he asked what did they want to do? D said, "I wouldn't mind going to Chuck E. Cheese".

Yeah, you read that right. I wouldn't mind going to Chuck E. Cheese. Y'know, if that's what you were thinking? I wouldn't mind it at all.

So, that's what they did. Uncle Julian is so cool. They get to spend Saturday with Uncle Julian too so that we can go to the 2nd wedding. The boys asked me this morning if Uncle Julian would be picking them up from school tonight and I told them no, that it would be me. oh. they said with much disappointment. WHYY?????? with a bit of a whine. It's ok, I don't take offense. I feel the same way about not getting to go to another Mehndi party tonight.

Monday, April 24, 2006


We sold the boys' cribs and dresser last weekend. When asked if they wanted a room decorated with sports stuff or animals or outer space they said they wanted outer space!

They start swim lessons on Saturday morning at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

This is a lame post but all I have time for.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Saturday night Amanda came over so we could go out to Fish and Brooksie's house for dinner. It was so nice to get out for an evening. Expensive even with the free meal since Amanda's very pricey but worth it! We had a great time with Fish and Brooke - great wine and the food was excellent. Sunday morning our friend Step came over and we all squeezed into the Hyundai - well, just me between those two enormous carseats. We went up into the Angeles National Forest to have lunch at the Hidden Springs Cafe. Then drove to Switzer's to go for a hike. The boys were little troopers on that hike over big boulders, across little streams and along treacherous terrain - well, treacherous for 3 year olds. It was so beautiful with those tall oak trees and the rushing stream. J loved throwing rocks into the stream. D liked slashing at the thorns with his stick. I think this will be a regular hike for us. It's a great way to expend some energy (not us, them!) and also gives us an opportunity to introduce nature to the boys.

2 stoplights

We were just 2 stoplights from daycare when D announced that his tummy wasn't feeling well. And then he lost his breakfast. Again. Again. Again. Great pools of curdled milk and banana muffin bar on his clothes, in his seat. Ugh. This is so my least favorite part of parenting. We got to daycare and got a change of clothes from his cubby. M brought me a roll of paper towels and a bucket in case D got sick again. I cleaned him up and changed his clothes. I happened to have 2 moist towelettes in my car so we each used one. Within 5 minutes he was saying he felt fine and wanted a banana. I told him he would have to wait until we got home. J went into the daycare and I put D in J's car seat - one of the benefits of having twins. When we got home D sat on the couch and watched spongebob while I took his car seat out of the car and cleaned it up. When will car seat makers create a car seat that is easy to take apart for the purposes of cleaning it?? Don't they know how hard it is to get the belts out when they are covered in puke? And the belts don't just come out - it requires a screwdriver to take off the back plate to reach the . . . oh, it's just too annoying. Anyway, apparently he just got carsick because he's been fine since we got home. He ate a piece of banana bread -- I know what you're thinking . . . what's with the banana theme?? What can I say? I made banana bread last night and on Saturday when I took J to the grocery store I asked him what kind of breakfast bar he wanted and he wanted the banana muffin bars. I digress - then he ate 2 bowls of cheerios. For lunch he told me he wanted a quesadilla and chicken noodle soup. I made that and sliced up some apple for him. He ate half the apple, most of the soup and took one bite of his quesadilla. Now he just fell asleep watching Bambi. I can finally get the car seat cover out of the dryer and put the car seat back together. JOY.