Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where a kid can be a kid

Last night Uncle Julian picked up the boys so T and I could attend a Mehndi party for our friend Rishika who's wedding we are going to tomorrow and Saturday (long story). When Uncle Julian got the boys in the car he asked what did they want to do? D said, "I wouldn't mind going to Chuck E. Cheese".

Yeah, you read that right. I wouldn't mind going to Chuck E. Cheese. Y'know, if that's what you were thinking? I wouldn't mind it at all.

So, that's what they did. Uncle Julian is so cool. They get to spend Saturday with Uncle Julian too so that we can go to the 2nd wedding. The boys asked me this morning if Uncle Julian would be picking them up from school tonight and I told them no, that it would be me. oh. they said with much disappointment. WHYY?????? with a bit of a whine. It's ok, I don't take offense. I feel the same way about not getting to go to another Mehndi party tonight.

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