Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Damn Dog

She likes cats. Not like she wants to play with cats. She wants to eat cats. Particularly my friend Kelly's 4 month old kitten who has now been chased up the tree twice. This morning at 6:30 she was so desperate to get a neighborhood cat that she broke her leash. Her leather leash. I chased that damn dog all over the neighborhood and the only reason I caught her was because she gave up on the first cat and instead chased Kelly's cat up the tree - then tried to climb it.
Damn dog.

Moving on

Dean: Mom? Um, Disney is getting old for me so now I'm going to work at Scooby Doo. And when I see you - I will say hi.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Concrete Thinker

This is my phone conversation this morning with the woman in charge of renting pavilions at Lake Balboa:

Me: Hello. My name is Kelsi and I'm interested in renting a pavilion for a birthday party.
She: For what date?
Me: November 18th
She: Oh, I'm sorry but we have a 30 day policy and you have to make your reservation 30 days prior to your reservation and we must have your payment 30 days in advance. But Pavilion #3 is available and you can have it on a first come, first serve basis.
Me: Oh. Well, I can move my party to the 19th. Can I rent a pavilion on that date?
She: I'm sorry but all the pavilions are booked on the 19th.
Me: Well, you know even though today is the 19th there are still 30 days until Nov. 18th.
She: Well, we do it by the date, not by the actual number of days.
Me: Can we just pretend that I called yesterday?
She: If I do that for you then I have to do it for the other 50 people who come after you.
Me: Not if I don't tell anyone.
She: Alright, I will break the rules just this one time but you have to understand that it's just this one time and that you can't tell anyone about it.
Me: I promise I won't tell anyone.
She: And you have to give me the payment today and we close at 5:00 and I close the office from 11:30-12:30 for lunch.
Me: ok. What does the pavilion rental cost?
She: How many in your party?
Me: I don't know yet.
She: Well, I need a number because the cost is based on the number of people.
Me: Ok, around 50?
She: For a party of 1 to 250 the cost is $75. If you want a moonbounce then you have to add $20 for the permit and you have to use one of our approved vendors.
Me: Great. Can you give me a list?
She: Well you have to use one of our approved vendors.
Me: Right. (Pause)Do you have a list of approved vendors?
She: Yes.
Me: Can you fax it to me?
She: Yes. Do you want to reserve pavilion #3 for Nov. 18th?
Me: Yes. I will bring the payment to you after lunch.
She: We close at 5:00.
Me: I'll bring it before then. Thank you very much for your help. I'll see you this afternoon.

Two hours later in her office . . .
Me: Hi S_____, I'm Kelsi and I spoke with you this morning about renting a pavilion for a birthday party.
She: (blank stare)Did you talk to me?
Me: Yes, it's for a rental on November 18th.
She: Do you have a reservation?
Me: (Pause - could she really have had that many calls from a Kelsi this morning?)Yes, here's the paperwork.
She: Oh, yes. I have it here. Kelsi?
Me: Yes.
She: And you don't want a moonbounce? Oh, you do want a moonbounce. That'll be an extra $20.
Me: Yes.
She: Your permit will be mailed to your home.
Me: And I need to have that with me on the day of the party, right?
She: YES, you have to have it with you.
Me: Ok, great. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
She: Mmmhmmm.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Pictures!

That's Dean, I mean Batman, in the cage with Sanka, I mean Tikka. Oh - the dog's name is Tikka now. Jack, I mean Robin, has locked them in. He he he.

The boys and their sister watch Teen Titans together.

That's Peter Pan there. Yes, the boys are just not themselves lately.

And of course, Captain Hook. Isn't he formidable?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Name Game

We've been playing the name game in our house as we try to come up with a new name for Sanka. Dean has been adamantly opposed to changing her name. Have I mentioned how much that kid hates change? Anyway, in an effort to convince Dean to change her name Tom told him that Sanka isn't a good dogs name because it's a kind of coffee. Then Dean proceeded to have the greatest argument (to date) of his life with his dad because IT. IS. NOT. COFFEE!!!!!!
But, he finally conviced him and then they decided that her name would be Shasta. I know what you're thinking. Don't go there. IT. IS. NOT. A. SODA!!!!!!!!!
But, Shasta isn't really rolling off the tongue for me. And now the latest name is Tikka. I like this name because it reminds me of Indian food. Mmmmm - tikka masala. But I digress. And it's different enough from Sanka that I won't be trying to call her Shanka or Sasta or Sasha.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dinner Conversation

Dean: Hey Mommy. Guess what? I have something for you.
Me: You do? What is it?
Dean: A costume! And you know what you can do?
Me: What?
Dean: You can come to my work and then I will take it out (demonstrates how he'll take it out) and I will put it on you (more demonstrating). And it will be a surprise.
Me: A surprise? I can't wait!
Dean: But, but I will tell you what your costume is. I will tell you.
Me: What is it?
Dean: (Pause for effect) Batgirl!!
Me: I get to be Batgirl?? Oh, that's great!
Dean: You can borrow it. (Nodding so I'll understand) You can.

Our Girl

Sanka came to our home yesterday at around 10:00am.

We love her.

She is sweet and mellow and already adopting us as her charges that she needs to protect. Jack is still a little nervous around her but he also loves her and wants so badly to not be afraid. I have a feeling that once he gets over his fear, she is going to become his best friend.

She's a little nosy when it comes to the kitchen and twice I've caught her trying to get something off the countertop. But, she's easily corrected and I think we'll break her of that pretty quickly. Last night while we ate dinner she kept coming into the dining room and nosing around. Tom and I took turns leading her back into the living room onto her bed and after the 5th or 6th time, she understood that she wasn't allowed to come to the table while we're eating. I'm sure we'll have to do it again tonight but it probably won't take 5 or 6 times. She slept in our room on her bed and didn't get up at all during the night. I slept in the boys' room just for the first night because I was concerned that they would wake up and come into our room, forgetting that we have a dog, and get scared by her.

Dean calls her his sister and sometimes his batdog.

As we drove away this morning, Tom was sitting on the front porch with her in front of him watching us go and the boys yelled out the window that they loved her.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Now with more sugar

Is it bad that the main reason I want to make brownies is not so my kids can have a special treat but so I can lick the bowl?
And the spoon?
I'm suddenly grateful for all those times when my mother selflessly handed me the beater, the spoon, or the spatula and let me lick to my heart's content. Then she sat the bowl in front of me and I'd use my fingers because there wasn't enough in the bowl for the spoon to scoop out.
And yet, I can't help but wonder . . . how many times was she off in the kitchen surreptitiously licking every drop of delicious cake batter (or brownie or cookie batter) while I napped or played innocently in another room?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's a Girl!!!

And she'll be ours next Sunday. Isn't she gorgeous? She's about a year old and is the sweetest girl. She's unbelievably gentle and mellow, especially for a puppy. Jack even walked up to her and stroked her head.
We're still working on a name for her. She looks to be pure German Shepherd but there may be some rottweiler in her.
We're so excited!!