Thursday, October 19, 2006

Concrete Thinker

This is my phone conversation this morning with the woman in charge of renting pavilions at Lake Balboa:

Me: Hello. My name is Kelsi and I'm interested in renting a pavilion for a birthday party.
She: For what date?
Me: November 18th
She: Oh, I'm sorry but we have a 30 day policy and you have to make your reservation 30 days prior to your reservation and we must have your payment 30 days in advance. But Pavilion #3 is available and you can have it on a first come, first serve basis.
Me: Oh. Well, I can move my party to the 19th. Can I rent a pavilion on that date?
She: I'm sorry but all the pavilions are booked on the 19th.
Me: Well, you know even though today is the 19th there are still 30 days until Nov. 18th.
She: Well, we do it by the date, not by the actual number of days.
Me: Can we just pretend that I called yesterday?
She: If I do that for you then I have to do it for the other 50 people who come after you.
Me: Not if I don't tell anyone.
She: Alright, I will break the rules just this one time but you have to understand that it's just this one time and that you can't tell anyone about it.
Me: I promise I won't tell anyone.
She: And you have to give me the payment today and we close at 5:00 and I close the office from 11:30-12:30 for lunch.
Me: ok. What does the pavilion rental cost?
She: How many in your party?
Me: I don't know yet.
She: Well, I need a number because the cost is based on the number of people.
Me: Ok, around 50?
She: For a party of 1 to 250 the cost is $75. If you want a moonbounce then you have to add $20 for the permit and you have to use one of our approved vendors.
Me: Great. Can you give me a list?
She: Well you have to use one of our approved vendors.
Me: Right. (Pause)Do you have a list of approved vendors?
She: Yes.
Me: Can you fax it to me?
She: Yes. Do you want to reserve pavilion #3 for Nov. 18th?
Me: Yes. I will bring the payment to you after lunch.
She: We close at 5:00.
Me: I'll bring it before then. Thank you very much for your help. I'll see you this afternoon.

Two hours later in her office . . .
Me: Hi S_____, I'm Kelsi and I spoke with you this morning about renting a pavilion for a birthday party.
She: (blank stare)Did you talk to me?
Me: Yes, it's for a rental on November 18th.
She: Do you have a reservation?
Me: (Pause - could she really have had that many calls from a Kelsi this morning?)Yes, here's the paperwork.
She: Oh, yes. I have it here. Kelsi?
Me: Yes.
She: And you don't want a moonbounce? Oh, you do want a moonbounce. That'll be an extra $20.
Me: Yes.
She: Your permit will be mailed to your home.
Me: And I need to have that with me on the day of the party, right?
She: YES, you have to have it with you.
Me: Ok, great. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
She: Mmmhmmm.

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