Saturday, March 24, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

We went to see the new Disney Animated movie "Meet the Robinsons" last night. Opening weekend is next weekend but we always have family screenings at work the weekend before it opens. One of the park walkaround characters was there to freak out the kids as we waited in line. In this case they used the Bowler Hat Guy who is the menacing character in the film. Dean was FREAKED out. He did not like the BHG. And, once the movie started, he still didn't like the BHG. Scared the crap out of him. Every time the BHG came on the screen he would moan into Tom's chest "I want to go hooooooome". Anyway, BHG redeems himself and as we streamed out of the theater Dean waved at the BHG. That's pretty big progress. Jack would wave at him but wouldn't go near him.
The movie is really fun and you should all go see it. On opening weekend. Twice.
If you're looking for my credit, you will have to stay for a long time. The cleaning crew will probably come into the theater and wonder what on earth you're still doing there. Ignore them. They know nothing. My credit falls under "Production Resources" category. There are only 3 of us in that category and my name is on the righthand side of the screen. Don't blink. You will have to watch all the production credits, music credits, and technology credits.
It's ok. You can do it. Just because my name is way at the bottom doesn't mean I'm not important. After all, I do come before the "Production Babies" category!!


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