Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yee Haw

The boys rode horses for the first time last weekend. We went up to our friend Tony's house to test his electric fence. He just finished installing it last week and he wanted to test it out before we left Tikka there. Oh. Hadn't I mentioned that? Tony lives on 7 acres out in the boonies. He has an old German Shepherd and has been wanting another dog but hasn't had time to look. Well, Tikka has proven to be too much German Shepherd Dog for us and so we talked to Tony about adopting her. He met her for the first time a month ago and thought she was cool. But, he also lives near a busy road and wants to make sure the electric fence works and that Tikka obeys. We're keeping Tikka for another 6 weeks until Tony is on hiatus and has time to work with her. So, we went to his place last weekend to test the fence. It didn't work and he has to figure out where the break is. He has a couple of old horses so he threw saddles on them and led them around the pasture with the boys on the back. Jack was not a fan but Dean liked it. He even yelled "Yee Haw" a couple times.

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