Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What? She posted?

um. hi.
We've been busy here at der Twin Haus. Not so busy with the posts though, eh? And this is just a little tease because soon, very soon, I'll be on vacation mode and I don't expect to be posting much then either. 'Course, what do you care, right? You're going to get the twintales LIVE and in PERSON!!
Just a couple of warnings before we descend upon you midwesterners.
  1. Don't get between Jack and his ice cream. Or cookies. Or cake. Or fudge. Or anything that has an excessive amount of sugar. Seriously.
  2. Don't get between Dean and his transformer. Or batman. Or anything he wants. That kid can hold a grudge.
But really, they are so excited about our trip. The famed "toy closet" at Grandma's house, the promise of trips to the park, the pool, picnics, playing with their cousins - all tantalizing little carrots that I'm dangling over their heads to ensure good behavior on the plane.

I'm pretty excited, too.


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