Monday, January 14, 2008

Always with the Questions

Dear Internet,

Jack has lots of questions and it's wearing me out. He's making a list of things that you can make such as, glass (melt sand) and wood (comes from trees) but there are so many other things he wonders about and his mother isn't any help. So, that's where you come in:

  1. How do you make gold? Dean thinks you make it by twisting threads together but Jack told him he's wrong.
  2. What is the street made out of? And asphalt isn't good enough.
  3. How do you make wires?
  4. How do you make water? Oh, and don't think you can just answer Hydrogen and Oxygen. Amateur.
  5. What else do you know how to do besides cooking? Oh, sorry this was a direct question to me, his mother. But I honestly couldn't think of a thing.
So? Whatcha got?


Anonymous said...

Gold? Who knows
The street? How about a mix of gravel, cement steel beams and sweat : )
Wires? You got me.
H2O? I will ask Rick for a scientific explanation.
What else do you do? I got this one. You take care of Daddy, take care of them, ie: bath, cloth, answer their questions, etc. you excercise, you solve problems at work and at home, you strive to be a good daughter and friend. Did that help?
; )

twintales said...

Yeah, they think taking care of them is easy.