Monday, June 30, 2008

Project Support Beauty in Nature

I don't think I ever posted an update on how I am doing regarding doing my part to clean up the earth. In my past post about this topic (link to follow later as I'm typing this on my crackberry while I wait for my car to be smog checked) I intended to put dispopsable gloves in my car so I would always have a sanitary way to pick up trash (I didn't though). I also planned to pick up trash every monday when I took Kate to the park (I didn't though and stopped going to the park w/ any regularity). I think I also planned to have a monthly family outing in which the sole purpose was to pick up trash (we didn't though).
You might wonder then, just what have I done? Well, I stopped buying paper napkins - we now use only cloth. I am slowly trying to wean myself off the paper towels. I started collecting the little plastic produce bags and I re-use them when I go to the farmer's market. I parked the SUV and am now driving the sedan because it gets better gas mileage. I started saving the little green baskets that berries and tomatoes come in and I return them to the farmer's market when I go shopping. When I go to target and I only have a few items (rare, but still) I ask them to hold the bag. I have always re-used my paper bags and I continue to do so. I pack fresh foods in re-usable containers in the boys lunches and they have re-usable water bottles (not disposable arrowhead bottles). I also put in cloth napkins and silverware instead of plasticware.
I also started engaging the boys in conversation about conservation, particularly after seeing wall-e which is partly about an uninhabitable earth. I was impressed with how much they already know both from our own practice and from earth day education at school.
There is much left to do but this is a good, sustainable start.

What are you doing?

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daria said...

I hear you about making little changes. Love my big supply of "restaurant stain resistant" napkins for a deal at Ross, big pack of microfiber cloths in place of papertowels, folded pouch bag in my purse for shopping, and the best of all is my $20 compost bin from the LA Sanitiation Dept. monthly sale. It's amazing how much "green" trash we generate (banana peels, egg shells, bread ends, etc) and how fun it is to pile that in with our backyard leaves and grass clippings. It all adds up! -Daria