Monday, August 31, 2009

World Food Day - August 2009

World Food Day is something that Peter and I came up with about a year or so ago. The idea is simple: we decide on a cuisine of the world, come up with a menu together, do all the shopping together and then cook together. It's all done at Peter and Julian's house and usually, Tom and Julian keep the kids entertained. This was our third World Food Day but the first that I've documented. It also happened to be our very best!

All of our recipes came out of the Williams Sonoma Mediterranean cookbook.

Of course we had to take a dip in the pool before we could begin our work!

The Menu:
Chicken and Seafood Paella
Stuffed Tomatoes
Wilted Greens tossed with Anchovies and Garlic
Orange-Scented Almond Torte

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