Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

I am sitting in my favorite chair with my feet up on my favorite ottoman, an ice pack wrapped around my right foot in an effort to stave off more swelling, more bruising on an already swollen and bruised foot. My body is humming still from this morning's effort, my face relaxed and rosy and happy. Tom came to the studio with us this morning to watch the boys on their last day of training with Master Dylan. They go back to school on Wednesday and will no longer be able to be in class with me. It is good and bad. I am happy to get back to our regular adult dynamic in the morning with adult-level focus. But I have enjoyed watching the boys challenge themselves and learn something new. They demonstrated excellent focus and discipline this morning which made me especially proud.

Five more minutes of ice and then I must get up to start some laundry and clean up the house. My uncle is driving up today with his fiancee and I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing visit.

Happy Labor Day.

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