Monday, November 21, 2005

Template Parenting

I had what could possibly be the best parenting day ever. First of all, let me preface this post by saying that I went out Saturday night and had a few drinsk . . . oops, I mean drinks. So when I went to bed late Saturday night (think early Sunday morning) I was really expecting to have one of those foggy, headachy days when the kids seem to whine extra long and extra loud. Especially since D was running a fever Saturday evening. So, maybe it was the low expectations. Anyway, J crawled into bed at 5:30am but fell right back to sleep . . . and stayed there until 7:30am. Ok, I haven't stayed in bed until 7:30am in years! What a luxury! We went out to the living room and put in a movie which he watched quietly while I leafed through a magazine. Yes, you heard right. I leafed through a magazine!! D joined us early in the movie and since they were being so sweet and mellow, I gave them an extra nutri grain bar. What a treat, right? Then J helped me make the waffle batter and I made waffles. After breakfast, I took them to the Farmer's Market. T's friend Step had dropped by to watch the Eagles game so I figured, what the hell - let's get out of their hair and after we shop at the FM, I'll take the boys to the playground as a reward. They were so good at the market - helped me pick out zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, apples and green beans. They only fought one time but otherwise stayed close to me and listened so well. There was a big bounce house with a rock wall and slide at the FM so we took the groceries to the car, then walked over to the bounce house. J hopped into that house and immediately went for the rock wall. He navigated that wall like a pro and before I knew it, was down the slide and running back for more. It was amazing to watch. D required a little more help. He tried to do it on his own but got scared as he reached the top. I had to go in and help him up the wall a few times but then he "got" it. Frankly, I don't blame him for being scared - that wall was steeeeep!! And when there were other kids at the top it swayed and it was a little disconcerting, even for me. Anyway, they did that for 30 minutes and then it was time to go. They protested for a while but I explained that they got to go up one last time but that their time was up and we needed to take the groceries home and have lunch. Once I got their shoes back on, both of them wanted to be carried. So, I hoisted J onto my right hip then leaned down for D to hook onto my left hip. As we were walking away from the bounce house a woman sitting on the lawn with her infant said "way to go, girl - bravo". I gotta say - it made me feel so good. Sometimes it's so hard to stay patient and of all days, yesterday should have been the worse but instead, it was the best. We went home and T had lunch ready for us. After lunch he and Step took the boys for a drive - code for you need naps!!! I took off for Target and spent the afternoon picking out accessories for my new office. The rest of the day passed uneventfully but just as peacefully. Part of me is really skeptical - like what the heck happened that I could manage things so well yesterday when other days the littlest thing will have me tearing my hair out? I don't know but I hope to take this day and use it as a "template" for the kind of parent I want to be everyday.

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