Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Day

I'm a bit late in posting about this but, oh well. Last Saturday (12/10) I took the family to the feature animation Holiday party. For the last 3 years we've had parties that cater to those with children, with many different activities for a variety of ages. This year, they trucked in snow. There were several spots throughout the plaza area that had piles of snow and one spot had a large pile over several bales of hay and the kids were sliding down the "hill" on discs. This was the first time J and D have seen snow. J was especially enthralled. I imagine this is what was going through his brain - "What? You can make it into a little ball and hurl it at someone's head? COOL! And - it gets slippery and makes people fall down? AWESOME! My favorite things - throwing things at people and watching them fall down." He's so much like me it's scary. T - if you're reading this, I just can't help it. It's funny when people fall down.
Anyway, the boys had a great time playing in the snow and then they discovered the hill with the disc hurtling down it 150 miles per hour and that's what they wanted to do next. So, T took them to the top of the mountain and they waited for their turn. I stayed at the bottom so I could catch them before they hit the street a block away. No, I am not overreacting!! We told the boys they need to hold on really tight but of course the first bump they hit, they let go. But, being little kids who like to fall down, they thought that was fun. They went down the hill 4 or 5 times and then we convinced them that it was time to get some dinner. They munched on grilled cheese sandwiches and then we found out that there was prime rib inside the ABC building so we abandoned the sandwiches and headed indoors. On the way to the dining room, there was a section devoted to story-telling and the story-teller was already hard at work. The boys and I sat down to listen and T went hunting for the meat. After we ate, we found the boys' friend from daycare, F and they all played for a while. Then we discovered the craft table, where J then discovered scissors and that is where we spent the remainder of the evening. J cut up his piece of paper into as many tiny slivers as he could while D peeled off the backing from the mitten stickers, stocking stickers, heart stickers, etc. and put them on his face. A colleague of mine snapped a photo of that and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out. Finally, at 9:30pm we told the boys it was time to go and we headed home. What a night!

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