Friday, December 30, 2005

Magical Morning

The boys woke on Christmas morning to see the tree lit up and a train rolling around the tracks. Apparently, Santa had set it up in the middle of the night. And that made him hungry so he ate almost all of the cookies we had put out for him. His reindeer must have been hungry too because they ate almost all of the carrots. J and D were so excited to see all their presents and to see what Santa had brought them. D just now told me that his favorite toy was the Woody doll that he got that has a guitar and a real pull string. He's sitting next to me as I type this singing the theme song from Toy Story. J just told me that his favorite toy is a globe that has a joystick that maneuvers an airplane around and tells about different parts of the world. Funny, I thought his favorite toy was the train and that D's favorite was Buzz Lightyear. It was interesting watching them that morning. Everything that D opened J wanted and when he didn't get the same thing he stood in the middle of the room and lowered his head. He looked so pathetic and I felt really bad for him. I remember that feeling - wanting something so bad and not getting it, wishing it was yours. Of course, it wouldn't matter what J got as long as D got something different then that's what J would want. But seeing his little sad face made me think it's happening to J too soon. He's too young to have that feeling already. Once the excitement of the day wore off a bit J was fine and really happy to play with his train set.
The best Christmas present I got that day was that D decided he was done with diapers and didn't want to wear them anymore. And that was that - he hasn't worn them since. He's had a couple of accidents but only in the first few days. Since then, we've gone to the Uncles' house for the day and a playdate at an indoor playplace without incidence. He's still wearing a diaper at night but the rest of the time he's in underwear. I'm so proud of both of them.

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