Sunday, March 26, 2006


We had a lovely visit with my mom. First of all, she brought them spongebob pajamas and that is gold to those two. She discovered the joys of trying to get J dressed in the morning -- by the end of the visit she was referring to him as "Hef" 'cause the kid would live in his PJs if he could - well, actually he does because it's just not worth the fight to get him to wear only daytime clothes so he's usually wearing his pajamas under his regular clothes and the second we get home, he strips 'em off. Whattayagunnado? Anyway, they loved having her here! The two nice days that we had, she took them to the park and they had a picnic lunch. They made cookies with her and got high on sugar on a daily basis. They are now going through rehab because their mean parents don't give them anything. I'm putting money away each month for their therapy bills.
One morning as I was getting dressed, mom came in to tell me that J went outside to go pee (he likes to do that - makes him feel like a man) and when he came back in he said to her, "When I pee I make smoke and I breathe fire!" That's J.
So, we had a great time and the boys are detoxing nicely, not just from the sugar (I'm kidding, but I'm not) but also from the wonderful attention and devotion that they received from Grandma. That's really the best part.
Mom if you're reading this - thank you for taking time off from work to come out here to give us a hand. Sorry you got sick! I do so appreciate how hard you try to be a part of their lives and please know that we talk about you often - about your visit with us, what they did when you were here, the things they made from cookies to puppets. You're an important part of our family and we love you very much.

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