Wednesday, May 31, 2006

4 day weekend

I admit that in the past I wouldn't have been that excited for a long weekend. Worn out by the work week and wary of planning too many activities for me and the boys knowing that it might result in a meltdown or end in frustration, I tended to not plan anything and then we'd sit at home bored which would result in a meltdown followed by frustration. However, as this past weekend approached I was excited about our plans. Not because we were doing anything particularly exciting but just because I would get to spend the time with my boys and without realizing it, I maintained an "open to anything" mindset that kept me from getting frustrated. On Friday morning, we went over to the Sullivan's to play then went to lunch with them. Following that, we went to costco where J and D were positively angelic despite the fact that they hadn't yet napped. I thought they'd fall asleep on the way home but they didn't and when I asked them what they wanted to do next, they said they'd like to go to the park -- so we did. Where they played and played, together and separately, and made friends with other park-goers. And then, because you have to - they got ice cream.
Saturday morning (7:30am!) we headed back over to the Sullivan's to babysit E. T joined us at 2:00 after spending the day cleaning our house (THANKS!!) and while E napped, we stuck our feet in the swimming pool. Sunday morning we went to the Farmer's Market, as usual, where I shopped and the boys bounced in the bouncy house. Then off to the Sullivan's again and we walked over to the Greek church for their annual Greek festival. It was hot and the boys were really tired after not taking naps for 2 days so it wasn't much fun. Way too crowded and the Sullivan's (and we) were a little cranky. We didn't stay too long and then headed over to Uncle Peter's and Uncle Julian's house. Peter's dad is in town and we visited with them awhile before heading out to Dr. Hogly Wogly's for some yummy Tyler Texas BBQ. Monday morning, Peter, his assistant Seth, his dad Dave and T left at 9:00am for the Canoga Park Parade of which Peter and Dave were a part and T was the driver. Julian came over around 10:00am and we headed over to watch the parade. We got settled at around 10:45 but didn't see Peter et. al. until 1:00pm. It was so hot and the boys were tired but they were so patient and blared their little trumpets when they saw Peter. I ran out to the car with the boys so Peter could do baby kisses - he's a politician, after all. As soon as they were gone, Julian and I packed up and headed out. The boys took their first naps of the weekend on our way home! They're so close to giving them up. After we all had lunch together, Peter and the gang left and we headed over to the Sullivan's for a BBQ. We hopped into the pool and the boys practiced their paddles and kicks and J is getting pretty brave in the water. Too brave.
Anyway, after lots of food and homemade ice cream for dessert (we made that) we headed home for baths, stories and bed.
The next day, when the boys were complaining about having to go to school and wishing we could all stay home, I felt - for the first time - like joining their chorus.

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