Friday, August 25, 2006

Bizarro World

When I arrived at daycare to pick up the boys last night I could tell just by looking at Dean that he was coming down with something. That kid can't hide a thing. But we had big plans last night. We had to go to our Congressman's town hall meeting. Our friend Peter is running against him and we wanted to be at the town hall meeting both to see what it was all about and also to be there for Peter who was hoping to have people asking questions of his opponent that would draw some attention to himself. Wow. Long run-on sentence. Anyway, first the boys and I met Tom at the Arby's near the high school where the town hall was to be held. There was a large woman in a wheelchair in front of us at the restaurant. I heard her complaining about the access ramps to the restaurant and various other things but was just ignoring her. Then it was our turn to order and Tom asked for 2 small roast beefs and an order of chicken tenders. The cashier asked if we wanted the 4 for $5 and Tom asked what that was. The wheelchair butted in and said that we wanted the 4 for $5 - trust her. Then she told Tom to get out of her way so she could get by. Yeah, she was a gem. Tom told the guy we just wanted the 2 roast beefs and the chicken tenders and as he was saying this a toddler in the restaurant started crying. The wheelchair yelled ENOUGH!!! at the little girl. The father of the little girl told the woman that she was just a baby. The wheelchair went on a rant that children shouldn't be out but that they should be at home and that the woman was a bad mother. Tom told the cashier that we would take our food to go. We went over to the other family that was being harassed by this terrible person and we told them it was ridiculous and they agreed and said that she was mentally ill. I don't know if this woman was mentally ill or just miserable but I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to belittle her and demean her and I wanted her to be removed from the restaurant. I wanted the police called. But I have two little boys who look at me as an example and I needed to remain calm and remove us from the situation with as little trauma as possible. And on to the town hall. It was another weird thing that I can't really put my finger on. There were strange, muttering people wandering in and I looked at Tom and said this is a weird night. He agreed and called it bizarro world. We went into the town hall and sat with Peter for a few minutes but Jack was fidgety and Dean started to feel hot so we got up to leave just after the Congressman answered the first question. When we got home I took Dean's temp and it was 100.7. He has no other symptoms - just the fever. Today, they're both running fevers with no other symptoms and the good news is that once they get motrin in their systems, their spirits really improve. I hope this is just a little virus and that it moves through the house quickly. I've got way too much going on to get sick.


bacobits said...

Wheelchair lady was there for a reason as are all the other "bad" people. Ghandi said to love them like precious gems. They teach you about yourself and make you grow. Ironically, we need them to discover who we really want to be and who we really don't.

I'm honored to be your first commenter!

twintalesfromthetrenches said...

Hmmm. Good message. Glad I practiced restraint then.

Unfortunately, you weren't my first commenter. That honor goes to my mother; and well-deserved as she's been a most loyal reader since Twin Tales' inception.