Friday, May 16, 2008

HSM, Home Edition

First, a quick synopsis of High School Musical for the uninitiated:

So, there's this guy named Troy and he's a big basketball star at East Side High School. He's at some vacation spot with his parents and through a random karaoke incident (I KNOW!) he meets Gabriella who is a super cute girl who can really sing. Fast forward to the fall and SURPRISE, Gabriella has been transferred to East Side High. It's like Grease for the elementary set. Of course East Side High is swimming in cliques from the jocks to the intelligentsia to the super rich. Super rich girl Sharpay (I KNOW!) and her super rich brother Ryan are the stars of the school and perennial stars in the High School theater production. Until, Troy and Gabriella get the bright idea to step outside their cliques (jock and smarty-pants, respectively) and try out for the school musical. Naturally, they're in love and can sing and knock the pants off the seasoned theater professional known as Mrs. Darbus.
So, that's the gist. Jack and Dean will be playing "jocks" in the play - no lines, no pressure. And here's the conversation that took place in the car yesterday on the way to school:

Me: (during the basketball song) Hey, you guys will be in this part 'cause you're the jocks! I bet you'll get to play basketball and run up and down the stage! (I'm doing my best to convince them this was a good idea)
Jack: I don't want to do it. I don't like basketball.
Me: Oh but you're such a good dribbler. Hey, do you know why mommy and daddy moved out here?
Jack: Yes, because you loved each other.
Me: Well, yes we love each other but we didn't know each other when we moved here. We met after we moved here.
Jack: And I know how it happened. You just looked at each other and then you loved each other. Just like Troy and Gabriella.
Me: Well, yes it took a little longer than that but yes, we liked each other and then we loved each other. But, that's not why we moved out here. We moved out here because we were actors. We wanted to be in the movies!
Jack: What are actors?
Me: Actors are people who pretend to be other people. Like when we go to the movies, the people that we see up on the screen.
Jack: But they're not real.
Me: Yes, they're real people that are pretending to be other people. That's what Daddy and I moved out here to do. To make movies.
Jack: And you are (in the sweetest, most awed voice).
Me: Well, yes I work for a company that makes movies but I'm not in them. My point is that it's really fun being in a play or in a musical and you guys will have so much fun doing this show.
Jack: I don't want to do it.

It was kind of a lot of work just to get back to square one.

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