Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knock Knock

HI! I've had a beer so I'm silly!

Tonight was one of those nights wherein the children think everything is hilarious and I'm a boring adult who just thinks they're being a little to loud for the car, or, you know, earth. It's all potty talk and knock knock jokes lately and it's a rare occasion when they're actually funny. And if I could just get over myself for half a second I would realize how breathtaking the sound of their giggles is. But, I'm too busy being a boring adult. So, I drank a beer with dinner and suddenly became a bit more laid back. Hey if I had any rescue remedy I would have taken that but beer was in the fridge and handy and besides, it's just fermented wheat, right? It's practically a health food.

Um, so where was I?

Swimming lessons! The boys are doing amazingly well. Tonight Jack swam from the steps to the other side of the pool, stopping once for a breath. Dean's stroke has gotten much more coordinated and strong - quite a difference from a year ago when he cried most of the time. Even the teacher said to him the other day, "Remember when you used to cry and say you didn't want to do it? And now look at you! Do you love it?" - and he just smiled and said he loved it.

Ok, beer is making me sleepy now.

Oh, one more thing. I have almost 500 pictures sitting on my new camera just begging to be downloaded but I haven't had time. I'm taking loads of pictures so I can practice all the settings. It's really fun but I have a lot of pics to wade through.

Oh wait, still one more thing. I'm trying to determine where the boys will go to kindergarten in the fall and it's overwhelming. I'm in the process of filling out open enrollment applications for all the schools, navigating policies about permits with child care, permits with transportation, work permits, etc. Work permits require a most recent paystub and naturally our system at work is down so I can't print a stub. And, I'm on call for jury duty this week. It's practically a sitcom episode.



Anonymous said...

While considering kindergartens you might want to add some Chicago schools to your list. I hear they are very good and I know the beer here is cold (and healthy).

US said...

I second that request. I don't know who anonymous is, but he/she has fabulous ideas!

TWINTALES features: said...

It's not just the beer that's cold in Chicago! Between the winters, the earthquakes and the tornadoes - I don't know how you people live out there!