Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Small Stuff

We had a great night tonight. Jack finally lost that tooth today during school after weeks of daily updates on it's looseness. He was so proud of that first lost tooth, so proud that he saved it, so excited about what the tooth fairy would bring. Then we forgot to put it under his pillow. Bummer. We'll have to make a big deal of it tomorrow night.
We had a final doctor appointment yesterday to check Dean's arm and got the great news that he was cleared for all activity with no restrictions. He'll get to play in his first soccer game on Saturday and he can't wait. He was really sweet tonight. He heaped loads of praise and love on all of us tonight. At one point during dinner he started playing a little game.
Dean - Whoever is in Ms. R's class, raise your hand! (Jack raises his hand)
Dean - Whoever works in Hollywood, raise your hand! (Tom raises his hand)
Dean - Whoever sets up offices, raise your hand! (I raise my hand)
And then declared that he has the best parents in the world, the best brother. And he's so proud of Jack and his lost tooth.
They each asked if we could celebrate this weekend. Jack wants to celebrate his lost tooth and Dean wants to celebrate his healed arm. I told them that we certainly should and would celebrate this weekend.
We ended the night with a little ice cream and then a couple of books.
It was a good night.

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