Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, this is what's goin' on:

The winds have died down, finally allowing the firefighters to gain the upper hand in fighting the 2 fires that were affecting our area. Families are returning to their homes and affected schools will reopen tomorrow. It could have been much, much worse.

The boys were tired tonight and cranky. Jack told me that he didn't love me, he wasn't going to be my son, would never be my son and was never going to play with me ever again. Ouch. I mean, wow. I'll never get to play candyland with him again? Oh, that cuts me to the core. He apparently forgot all about that later when he asked me for dessert. There's nothing like a little sugar to help that kid drop a grudge. Still, I didn't want him to think he could treat someone the way he did and then just forget it later when it was convenient. We sat on the couch together while Dean finished up his bath and this is what I said: I will love you no matter what you say, no matter what you do. You are in my heart and that will never change. We have a bond, you and I, that will never be broken - that began when you were still in my tummy. You are in me, in my heart and I am in you and I will never, ever stop loving you. Not when you get mad at me and not when I get mad at you. Even when you say things to me that are not very nice, even then. But, when you say things like that it hurts in my heart, it hurts my feelings. Words can be very hurtful so I need you to remember that up here in your head, and down here in your heart. He didn't look at me, just sat next to me chewing on his lip. I know him, though. He's sensitive - more sensitive than he lets on and he heard what I had to say and took it to heart.

Last night was back to school night - the teachers first opportunity to show off the curriculum, the classroom. Jack's teacher was ill so his will be rescheduled for another time which left us with extra time to spend in Dean's room. We heard from other moms that they hear about Dean all the time at dinner time. Apparently there are a few crushes on our little casanova. Sweet. I still don't have any sort of connection with Dean's teacher but I am confident that she is a good teacher and that he's in the right place. It's tough for me because I'm missing that connection but he seems to like his class and his teacher and that's the most important thing. The most random thing happened though! We're sitting there in the classroom and the teacher is just finishing up her spiel when a woman walks in and stands near the door. I glance at her and then again because she looks so familiar. Then I suddenly remember that Tom did an independent film with her a decade ago! I gesture to him and nod my head in her direction. He looks and double takes, looks back at me like WHAAA? So, it turns out she's the room mom for Dean's class. She said she noticed the last name on the class roster and was going to email me to see if I was related to Tom! Small town, right?

Dean got to play in his first soccer game on Saturday. He really had a good time and I'm really grateful to the coach because he wanted to make up for Dean not getting to play for 4 weeks. The other team was really good and they scored early and often. Jack got very frustrated that they weren't winning and especially angry when Dean accidentally ran the ball the wrong way. Jack really hates to lose and even though we don't keep track of the score, he does. Dean's just happy to be playing, doesn't mind sitting out when it's his turn, just wants to have fun. Luckily, the game ended soon after and the coach brought great snacks - tons of fruit (totally ignored by the kids), m&ms, cookies, and juice boxes. Not surprisingly, it turned Jack's attitude right around.

We were lucky enough to babysit for baby Emory on Saturday night so her mommy could attend her movie premiere and wrap party. I had her all to myself for the first hour and oh. my. goodness! She is yummy! We had a lovely time together and the boys were absolutely enamored. They just wanted to stare at her, marvel at her tiny little feet, sweet little hands. They worried at every fuss, every chirp and called me immediately to fix it. Emory's visit turned them into the nicest, sweetest boys and not just toward her - toward us and each other. Clearly we'll have to have her visit us more often.

On Sunday, the boys and I did an art project. We went to the craft store, got some water color paper and paints, and painted fall trees. First we used red, orange and yellow to create a warm, autumn-like look. After it dried we used black paint to create a tree trunk and then, using straws, we blew on the paint to create spindly branches. It was really fun. I discovered the project from a blog and she has other neat projects that I'd like to try with the kids. In fact, she recently posted a halloween art project with silhouettes of spooky houses that I think we'll attempt this weekend.

So, that's what's been going on this week. There's more going on, of course, there's never a dull moment around here but my fingers are getting tired and my attention is waning.

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