Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday

I owe you a menu, don't I? I didn't do one this week and I am woefully underprepared. But, there's a good reason for it.
I had sparring class on Friday night, then Tom and I painted the bathroom on Saturday, I scrubbed the floor in the bathroom on Sunday while Tom put the 2nd coat on the hallway (he started that Saturday during a "break" from the bathroom). I left just before noon on Sunday for a photography workshop and he took the boys to the Sullivans for some playtime after cleaning up a bit. I went straight from the workshop (noon to 5!!) to the Sullivans where we ordered pizza and then had some ice cream. Then it was straight home to quickly give the boys a bath and get them into bed.

Grocery store? No. Menu planning for the week? HA!

Thankfully, Tom picked up the boys from school yesterday which gave me a chance to stop at the store on my way home. I still haven't done any menu planning though. By the time I put the groceries away, ate some leftovers, checked over the boys' homework, and read them books . . . I was exhausted. I crashed when they did and woke up just long enough to smear some Cetaphil on my face and rub a toothbrush over my gums. Hot, right?

Anyway, enough sweet talk. Dean's surgery is scheduled for April 6th. It's the first day of his spring break so he doesn't have to miss any school. Jack will go to the daycare for the week and Dean will stay with me. I have every expectation that Dean will be pissed that he's missing out at the daycare and Jack will be pissed that he's missing out at home. I'm screwed either way so I may as well make it easy on myself. Mom's contemplating a trip though so that would make it fun for both.

I have conferences with both the boys' teachers on Thursday and am looking forward to hearing about their progress. I got Jack's progress report in advance so I already know that he's doing well, even better than he was in the fall, so that will make the conference a lot more fun. I've talked to Dean's teacher occasionally and know that he's doing better but I still expect some discussion about his behavior. We'll see. I am glad that I was able to schedule his surgery so he won't have to miss any school. I think it's especially important for him to stay in the routine.

I guess you can see why I haven't written in over a week. Not that much excitement going on. But, we're having visitors on Thursday and that's exciting and then it's surgery and spring break and Easter and another tournament and a birthday party for Emily in which I agreed to bake the cake (what was I thinking?) and then another belt test and then my brother and his family will be out at the end of April and then suddenly it's May and nearly summer and I'm contemplating a trip to the midwest for 2 weeks in July and before you know it I'll be 40 and then all hell will break loose. Let's just let that sink in for a minute, ok? FORTY! Seriously, how did that happen? Four decades? Really? I still feel like a kid and wonder what people think when I walk around with the boys like inside their heads their tongues are clucking and they're thinking, "how could someone so young have such old kids already?"

So, see? I couldn't possibly be nearly 40.

That's all for now. I'm off to give a tour of the building to a bunch of college kids who just want to know how to get a job here and then what do they need to know to become a director. Woo hoo!

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Geri said...

Wait. What?! The youngest, young, youngster, Kelsi, is turning FORTY?!
You're right thats not possible. Because if it were, that would make me.....Oh Hell!(sigh)