Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've got a bunch of random bits rolling around in my head so here's a little bit of random for your Tuesday.
  • Saturday morning Jack got up and made himself and Dean sandwiches for breakfast.
  • Overheard on Saturday morning: Jack to Dean - you should have told me you had to go to the bathroom. I would have taken you Dean. (in the most helpful tone of voice)
  • What we bought at the Fishing & Boating Show: Thermal heat packs and a trip to Mexico. Note: no fish or boats.
  • Conversation between me and the grocery store checker on Sunday afternoon: He said, OH! Were you in the movie BOLT?? (I was wearing my tshirt). Me, Uh no but I worked on it. He, so you got to hang out with John Travolta and Miley Cyrus? Me, Uh yeah! They were great - really nice. ---- Ok, that's not what I said. I told the truth that I work in Animation and that we don't work with the talent. Blah Blah Blah. He was so disappointed that the next time someone asks me about that my answer will be YEAH! They were great. So down to earth, y' know? Because it will make their day.
  • Playdate drama: ok, so there's this mom at the school and she really wants to have a playdate with her kid. We did one playdate at her house and I felt so uncomfortable the entire time. This woman has no joy in her life. So I figured there's no chemistry here and even the kids weren't that into each other so that's the end of that. Then Jack asked me a few weeks ago if we could have a playdate with M. I said, sure we'll have to plan something. Which is my way of being very noncommittal. She called me on Sunday but I let it go to voice mail. I listened to the message and she wants to have a playdate next weekend or maybe one night after school. I DON'T WANT TO PLAYDATE WITH THIS WOMAN!! I feel like she wants to date me and I'm not interested but I don't know how to tell her I'M JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. I looked at the calendar and the next few weeks are busy - there's the tournament this coming weekend, I have a photography workshop on the following weekend and we have visitors coming the weekend after that. Then it's practically Easter, right? Last night at pickup time I decided to let the boys have 2 minutes on the play equipment and who shows up? I got my answer all ready. She asked me what was I planning for the boys for the summer. I told her they'll go to the daycare that they've gone to since they were babies. Oh you're so lucky, she says, I have to do all this research. She goes on to tell me how it doesn't get any easier and with each stage in their lives she has to do more work. See? No joy. So then I told her that I got her message but that we're pretty booked up through March. She says, Oh yeah, us too. I just thought I'd throw it out there. I wonder - am I off the hook? Has she gotten the message? What more do I need to do? I can't wait until summer vacation! How do other people avoid playdating with people they're not interested in?
  • And finally, the weekly menu thing is working out great! I decided that I'm going to publish my weekly menu here for my reference. I'll include recipes too if I have time.

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