Thursday, October 01, 2009


I found out yesterday that someone I used to work with passed away. She had just celebrated her 56th birthday in Vegas with her family. She wasn't suffering from a long term illness. She planned her trip to Vegas and started feeling sick either just before her trip or during her trip. She went to hospital, was admitted and then moved to ICU in just days. Just 23 days later, she passed away after 3 weeks in a coma. The cause of death is still unknown. All we know is that she had trouble breathing and that's why she went to the hospital. It escalated from there to a collapsed lung and then one by one her organs started shutting down. My heart goes out to her family and friends. It's such a shock and we here at DAS are all reeling.

Hug your people close, be grateful for every day, be brave, pursue your dreams, pass it on.

Blaze your own fiery trail.

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Daria said...

That's so sad and so difficult to wrap your head around. My husband knows two young co-workers that died last month - one from an accidental pain killer overdose and the other from suicide. As sad as it is, it does make us appreciate life and our loved ones that much more.