Friday, November 27, 2009


I guess I'm in a writerly mood today. I swear it's either feast or famine around here.

Anyway, here are 20 things I'm grateful for today:

  • Time. I spent several hours helping Dean put together his Lego City set and I didn't worry about what wasn't getting done.
  • Sleeping until 8:00am.
  • Coffee and cream.
  • Glorious weather that was neither too hot nor too cold.
  • That the idiot woman in the Lexus SUV finally heard all the shouting and slowed down before rounding the corner where my children and other hikers were standing. I'm grateful but I'd still like to drag her out of her car by her hair and scare the living hell out of her.
  • My breath which kept me calm even as an idiot woman barreled through a peaceful hiking canyon with no thought whatsoever as to who might be hiking.
  • My martial arts training which I thought might be used on the stupid woman in the lexus.
  • The first aid kit in the Hyundai which came in handy after Dean fell off his bike and skinned his knee.
  • Carney's! Almost helped me forget about the . . . nevermind.
  • Playing handball with Jack and getting my butt kicked.
  • Our vet who gives us a discount since we have to take Kate in monthly for her shot.
  • That my anxiety is under control. Maybe turkey is a natural remedy for anxiety?
  • That Tom is an excellent breakfast cook. A yummy frittata yesterday and egg-in-a-hole today with fried sausage. What will tomorrow morning bring?
  • 4 day weekends.
  • Ice cream, cookie dough, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and peanuts.
  • Turkey carcass in my fridge that's just begging to be turned into soup.
  • That Jack puts himself to bed when he's tired.
  • My house. Though it's littered with toys and discarded shoes, it's ours and it's cozy and comfortable.
  • That Dean seemed to really hear me today when I told him that he's an amazing, incredible kid who is smart and brave.
  • My health. I'm feeling good and strong.

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