Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 155

I know he's not looking at me and his face is half hidden from the bars but there's something about it that I kind of love.

Tuesday is dance class day at school. Every Tuesday, the boys wear their green tshirts that say Sky High Dance on them. Every single Tuesday. Today, I ran into the dance teacher and told her that my boys love her class. She asked their names and when I told her she said, "Dean?! I love that little guy!! He's so into it. He's so focused. I'm not just saying this either. We made a connection." It's really nice to hear.

Last night, Dean was practicing piano and Jack and I were singing along for him. It helps him with the pacing and to know what comes next. When Dean got to the end of his song, he held the last note and looked over his shoulder to see our reaction. We clapped and cheered and told him, in all seriousness, how great it was. Then he said, in his best lounge act voice, "Who wants Honeydew?" And then he played Honeydew. When he was finished with that, he looked over his shoulder and, again in his lounge voice, "Who wants Jackson blues?!" And then played Jackson Blues. It was awesome.

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