Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 163

We're doing a bit of construction in our pod at work. There were 4 hard wall cubes in there on Monday when I left. I kind of love the pink ball in the middle of it all.

Oh, I changed jobs 4 weeks ago. I'm now in Talent Development. Our department is in charge of school and industry outreach, the trainee and undergraduate associate program, inspiration, innovation, and spark. I get to help set up industry events and tour college art students around the building. I get to reinvent our artistic library including updating the space and the materials. I get to go around the building and interview people for videos for events and take pictures. I get to brainstorm ideas for re-engaging our people and come up with new ways to inspire and support evolution. I don't have to do anything in excel. I do get to learn everything I can about Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. I don't have to give any bad news. I am on the right path.


Geri said...

Atta Girl, Kels!


Geri! I'm in your old cube!!!! 1817! It's been a crazy 8 months. I've been in limbo since September and got my "official" notice at the beginning of May. My last day was supposed to be 6/25 - my 11 year wedding anniversary. But then I was offered this job (after interviewing with more people than I ever did for my Admin manager job!). Ca - Ra - Zy!!

G said...

My old cube?! How do you remember these things? I DON'T even remember my old cube number. Then again it wasn't my job to rearrange too many cubes in too small a building, like some hellish puzzle. :-)
I'm glad it all worked out for you. Man that Disney limbo is awful. Hopefully TS3 will put everyone back on solid ground


Well I'm not sure I would have remembered the number but I certainly remembered the location since I visited you - often when I was ready to tear my hair out over space!!!

How 'bout that TS3!!!

Yeah, limbo sucks.

Are you enjoying San Diego? It sounds heavenly and your house sounds great! I'm so, so happy for you!

Kelly and Waylon said...

Kelsi, your new job sounds perfect for you! Congrats! I hope you're enjoying it!! Love your blog! :-)

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