Monday, September 13, 2010

Not a recap, yet

I can't do the summer recap right now. Instead, here are some things that absolutely made my day today:

  • Dean, bursting into the house yelling my name, "MOM! Where are you? I had such a good day! I LOVE MY SCHOOL!! Thank you for introducing me to Talia and Quinn! I made so many new friends! I have my own cubby and I get mail! Thank you so much!"
  • Jack, shyly looking up at me and telling me that yeah, he had a great day, too.
  • This email about one of my photographs: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS?!!?!?! I LOVE IT! jeez, this is a genius photo. i got chills." - from a t.ruffle girl!!! D'you know how amazing that felt??
  • Salmon cakes with honey mustard sauce and steamed green beans and snap peas tossed with the best butter in the world.
  • The lunches and coffee are made for tomorrow.
  • A good Tae Kwon Do workout at home - all my forms, self defense techniques and advanced one-step sparring. Awesome!
  • My book, waiting for me to finish this post!
  • Life is good.

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