Monday, September 20, 2010

Note from the Universe

Every day I get a note from the Universe, delivered straight to my inbox.

This was today's:

Sometimes it just sneaks up on you, Kelsi, doesn't it? You don't even see it coming. Suddenly and without warning, you're surrounded by the best friends you've ever known. You're waking up in the mornings just "dying" to get into the day. There's a lightness in your step and a gleam in your eye. Your thinking is new, your laughter frequent, and you're drawn to tears whenever you hear happy tales. You're on a roll, so it's not like you're thinking about it, but if you were to think about it, you wouldn't know what's gotten into you, nor would you recall just when. You'd only shake your head whenever you thought of how quickly everything can change... Just something to remember the next time you don't see something coming. By the way, you row my oars -
The Universe
Today is my 41st birthday. Last year, as I faced my 40th birthday I was also facing an impending job loss (though the official notice took months...) and a crisis of confidence, of sorts. I wanted to do something more creative but I didn't have the background. I loved taking pictures but didn't want make it my business. I liked to write but I didn't like to be told when to write or what to write!! So I did Mondo Beyondo and Inspired Work and I made my lists and I opened myself up to my largest hopes and dreams. I remember sitting at my desk one day and deciding that I needed to write down what kind of boss I wanted and what kind of team I wanted to work with. I wrote the following words: Inspiring, Creative, Collaborative, Innovative, Challenging. Now? I'm there. Is it because I made a list? Would it have happened anyway? Or does my openness to the possibilities actually bring the possibilities to me? There's no way of knowing. But it certainly didn't hurt, did it? I feel so incredibly blessed - by the opportunities I've been given, by the people in my life, by the love that surrounds me. If this can happen after one of my hardest years in which I felt directionless and helpless....what will the future bring?

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