Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Valiant Effort

We went to a birthday party at the El Capitan theater on Saturday for a viewing of "VALIANT" followed by ice cream at the Disney Studio Store and Soda Fountain. We arrived at around 3:40 and sat next to the birthday boy while the theater organist played Disney tunes. At 4:00 the pre-movie show was supposed to begin. Unfortunately, they were having technical difficulties with the organ (it's supposed to lower into the stage) and were delayed by 20 minutes. Thus, the pre-show didn't get started until 4:20. You see how this is playing out? The actual movie got started somewhere around 4:50. By then, the boys were not that interested in watching a movie. We made it through about half the film before finally giving up. We then headed next door to have the birthday celebration with ice cream sundaes for all. Just walking in the door was a treat. Ahh, the smell of waffle cones being made - reminds me of the old days working at TCBY. Anyway, after waiting for a little while they pulled 3 tables together and we ordered all the kids ice cream sundaes. Dean takes his ice cream eating very seriously. That kid was on a mission to get to the bottom of his dish. His spoon was in constant motion and at the end, there was barely a dribble on his shirt. No sticky ice cream hands, no pools of dairy on the table - it was fascinating to watch. Jack - not so much. Our waitress brought over a plate to put under his dish because there was so much ice cream pooled around it. After the ice cream had been eaten, the birthday boy opened his presents and after the oohing and ahhing, we left. It was a nice time but I don't think the boys are ready for the El Cap.

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