Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Watching Airplanes

One of our favorite ways to wind down in the evening is to watch airplanes before putting the boys to bed. We go out onto the deck and the boys arrange the furniture just right, then we lay down and the boys climb on top of us. We talk about the stars we see or the way the moon looks and then we wait for the airplanes to fly over us. Monday night I was doing solo bedtime duty and we hadn't done this ritual in a long time so I suggested we head outside and the boys were happy to oblige. I laid down, Dean climbed up on my left side and Jack perched on my right. We talked about the stars and watched for airplanes. We saw a little one that was taking off at the private airport to the east of us. Then one of the big jets came in from the west, heading towards Burbank airport. I told the boys, "look, here comes a big one". Jack looked at me, put his finger to his lips and whispered,"shhhhhh. You have to be quiet. That airplane berry, berry loud." So earnest. So sweet.

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