Sunday, January 21, 2007

The one about nothing

The boys . . . they did not nap today. Dean just came over to me and burrowed his way onto my lap and moaned that he's just so tired. So we're having an early dinner, then a bath and off to bed early.
It's been a pretty low key weekend which was richly needed given our very busy week. We drove down to LAX on Wednesday night to pick up Chad and have dinner with him then drove him down to his hotel in Anaheim. Thursday night we went out with our friends Paul and Colleen - had a nice dinner and then went bowling. The boys stayed with Peter and Julian. Our friend Eddie was in town so he joined us for dinner on Friday night.
I just needed to rest this weekend. Today we went for a walk with the boys and they rode their new superman bikes. They're getting really good on them. They still have training wheels but they're really understanding how to stop and steer. I think my brother learned how to ride a 2 wheeler when he was 3 and as we were walking around with J and D I wondered how on earth that was possible.
Anyway, I'm sorry this isn't a very exciting post. Perhaps I'll have something more interesting later.
Go Colts!!!

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Geri said...

Pardon me. ROOOOOOAAAAAR! GO BEARS! hee hee