Sunday, January 28, 2007

It is Sunday, after all

I have a confession to make. I prefer it when Jack doesn't nap during the day now.

Unbelievable, isn't it? It's purely selfish on my part. I'm not sure if he's quite ready to give up his afternoon naps yet but it sure is easier to get him to bed when he goes without it. Last Sunday night I got him to bed at 6:30pm! We didn't get home tonight until 7:30 so by the time they had their pajamas on and teeth brushed it was 8:00. I told them they'd each get a story and then it was time to go to sleep and I wasn't going to lay down with him. Fifteen minutes later I made good on my word and they did likewise, although Jack said he was going to be sad if I didn't lay down with him. He was asleep before I had finished tucking in Dean.

Speaking of Dean, what a little pistol he was today. Feisty, cranky, mouthy little thing would have spent the entire day in a time out if I hadn't finally just made him take a nap. Lest ye think I just let him crank it out until late in the afternoon - I had him down for a nap by 12:15 without lunch. He woke up at 1:30 in a much better mood and had his lunch then. When Dean was being especially stinkerish, Jack told him that he'd better be nice or Santa wasn't going to bring him any toys. Dean replied, "I don't care. He isn't real anyway."

Really? Already?? I thought he'd be at least 6 before he stopped believing in Santa.


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