Friday, February 02, 2007

Say what?

Tom and I took Jack to the doctor today because he has been having trouble hearing lately. At first, I just thought he wasn't paying attention but it lasted long enough that it was time to check him out. After taking a peek in his ears, the doc ordered a special test:
Acoustic immitance testing (tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing). This 2- to 3-minute test measures how well the middle ear relays sound. The soft tip of a small instrument is inserted into the ear canal and adjusted to achieve a tight seal. Sound and air pressure are then directed toward the eardrum. The test is not painful, but slight changes in pressure may be felt or the tone may be heard.

The doc was given a printout of the results and where there should have been a bell curve, there was just a flat line. In other words, Jack's ear drum is not responding to sound waves. The doc saw some fluid in his ears and feels that's what is causing the hearing issue. He prescribed antibiotics and gave us the name and number of an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. If the antibiotics don't take care of the fluid and his hearing hasn't improved then he may have to have tubes in his ears.

We also took this opportunity to ask about Dean's snoring. Dean sounds like a pretty feisty bear cub when he's sleeping. The doctor asked if he snores continuously or if he has pauses and then snorting sounds. He does. That's apnea. The doctor thinks he has enlarged adenoids and also wants to send him to the ENT doctor. If he does have sleep apnea, and I'm pretty sure he does, then he'll have to have surgery to remove the adenoids.

The doctor says it's all very treatable so that's good to know. We just hope neither of them will have to have surgery.

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