Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Updated: ENT Update

The boys had their appointment with the ENT doctor yesterday. He took a look at Jack's ears and determined that there is no fluid and both eardrums are responding to soundwaves. He is not concerned about his hearing but wants to have him back for a hearing test with the audiologist just to be thorough. His expectation is that his hearing is normal.
He looked at Dean's adenoids and determined that they are larger than normal but that it doesn't necessarily mean that he'll need surgery. He requested an xray of Dean's soft palate tissue and adenoids. We went to the imaging place after we had lunch. Sunday night when I was telling the boys that they were both going to the doctor, Jack said, "Oh, maybe when we are done at the doctor? Maybe we can go to dat rest'rant, 'member? Dat rest'rant where we got milkshakes? Dean, do you want to go to dat rest'rant tomorrow and get a milkshake?"
Yeah. So we went to dat rest'rant and got milkshakes. Chocolate for Jack and vanilla for Dean. When they told us the flavor that they wanted Tom just looked at me and said - it's just amazing. I knew exactly what he was talking about and nodded my head and smiled. We've often marvelled at how the DNA just seemed to split 50/50 with mine going to Jack and Tom's going to Dean. Down to their preferred milkshake flavor.
Anyway, we went to imaging place to get Dean's Xray. Jack was really jealous that he didn't get to have a picture taken of his bones. Now, we wait for the results.
I talked to the ENT on Friday. He was "impressed" with the size of Dean's tonsils and adenoids but not yet convinced that he needs surgery. He's leaving it up to us. We can do one of the following (or a combination of):
  1. observe him sleeping and if he stops breathing, count how much time until he starts breathing again. True apnea is 10 seconds between breaths. Watch him to see if he ever seems to struggle to breath. Watch him to see if he's getting restful sleep.
  2. Get a formal sleep study.
  3. Surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoids.

We're leaning towards number 1.

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