Monday, February 05, 2007

Magical Unicorn

Dean sometimes doesn't like to take baths. Sometimes being always. It's ok, I get it. Having to get undressed, get in the water which is sometimes too cold and sometimes too hot, getting your hair washed when you don't really like water especially when it drips into your ears, then finally getting out which is always too cold. I get it. I used to tell my mom that I took a bath but I really just ran the water and then sat on the toilet and read a book. I always thought I was getting away with something but I'm pretty sure she just let it slide because she wasn't up for the fight.
Anyway, back to Dean. So the other night in order to wash his hair, I had to convince him that he would be a magical unicorn whenever he gets his hair washed and to prove it, I created a horn on his head.
He totally bought it. Check out the evidence:
Don't you think he's magical? I know. So, this really worked out well . . . until the horn came down. Whooo boy, the drama! Remember, this is the kid who is always gunning for the oscar so I should have known. I thought I prepared him well - I told him that he could only be a magical unicorn when he was in the bathtub but sometimes, there's just no reasoning. He got over it quickly and taking a picture of him preserved the magicalness.
In other news, remember we have a dog? Her name is Tikka and she's a big, energetic, hairy beast of a german shepherd. She is also really stinkin' smart and has figured out how to unlatch our back gate so she can take herself for walks and go a-visitin' with the neighborhood dog folk. Which is cool except that she's a big, energetic, hairy beast and some people, especially people with itty bitty terriers who walk their dogs on silly retractable leashes as if that's gonna control the little yappers, are afraid of beasts. Don't worry, I see the irony of that sentence and mostly I'm poking fun at myself because clearly, I am not controlling the hairy beast seein' how she keeps escaping. The new plan is that I take her for at least one walk a day but I shoot for 2 - one in the morning and one at night. Each walk is a minimum of 2 loops around our neighborhood which is roughly 1.8 miles . . . y'know, roughly. I mean I haven't driven it or anything.
I mapped it out on google.
The walks are helping and Tom fixed the gate so she can't unlatch it without opposable thumbs which even as I type this she is attempting to grow.
Here's a picture of the beast:Isn't she gorgeous?

Jack is being his same old lovey self and he and Dean played so well together on Saturday that Tom and I got a case of ambitious thinking. Yeah, we thought that was the start of a new trend and that we'd be able to get all kinds of things done around the house and peripheral environs this year. Like paint and stuff. But, by Sunday morning they were back to their crankypants selves and the dream of a freshly painted house went out the window. They're still the best boys I know.

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