Sunday, February 25, 2007

Balloon Conversation

When I arrived at daycare on Friday night, both boys had balloons - Jack's was pink and Dean's was red. It was one of the girls birthday and they had a little party. Dean's balloon was tied to his wrist but Jack insisted on just holding his. It was a windy night.
You see where this is going?
He and I both held the balloon out to the car but with the distraction of opening the car door and him climbing into the seat, we both let go. Dean let out a scream and I watched as Jack's balloon sailed away. Jack was heartbroken. I promised him we'd go to the farmer's market on Sunday and get him another one.
They got into their seats and we started driving home. As we neared our house, this is the conversation that took place:
Jack: Well, Dean you better be really, really careful with your balloon or else the wind is going to take it away and then you won't have a balloon anymore. Just like me.
Dean: Well, it's tied onto my wrist.
Jack: It doesn't matter, Dean! That wind is really, really strong and it will come and untie it from your wrist and then it will be gone. Then you won't have a balloon anymore. Just like me.
Dean: Well, ok.
Now Dean holds his balloon between his feet and it's making that awful squeaking noise. You know - that really annoying noise?
Jack: Dean. You're going to break your balloon.

Jack: Dean! Your balloon is going to pop.

Jack: DEAN!!!!! Your balloon is going to pop and then you're not going to have one anymore. DEANN!!!!

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