Friday, August 10, 2007

Every Day

Our morning routine is fairly static. The boys get up, dress themselves and have breakfast while I shower and get ready for work and Tom checks the stock market. Then, when it's time to leave, Tom walks them out to the car, buckles their seatbelts and kisses them goodbye. He stands in the front yard as I pull out of the driveway and we always stop in the street before going on. Jack is always on the right side of the back seat and I always have his window down so the following exchange can occur:

Jack: Goodbye!
Daddy: Goodbye!
Jack: Have a good day!
Daddy: Ok, you too!
Jack: I love you!
Daddy: I love you, too!
Jack: I love you so much!
Daddy: I love you so much, too!
Jack: I love you every day!!

You get the point. While Dean is plotting world domination with his transformer, Jack is exclaiming to Daddy and our entire neighborhood the depth of his love.

I love you every day.

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