Monday, August 20, 2007

Grandma's Memories

Could I add what I remember about your midwestern vacation?

Not only picnicking in the park, the playgrounds, swimming/floating the "Cattail Crick" at the Tropicanoe Cove. Watching Jack and Dean enjoy digging holes in the sand and filling them with water both at Tropicanoe Cove and Indiana Beach. One digging, the other filling then they would without speaking switch roles as if in some silent agreement working on their architectural masterpiece. Visiting the petting zoo, digging for dinosaur bones in the archeology pit. Watching them joyously run from ride to ride at Indiana Beach while their mother and I sat on benches totally enjoying their carefree abandon. Getting to see the cousins (Jack, Dean, Miles and Charlie) play together at their Uncle Chad and Aunt Jenny's house. Even the occasional fussing couldn't dim my joy. Uncle Chad and Aunt Jenny had such fun things planned like tie-dying t-shirts, a visit to the petting zoo, swimming, great food. And who knew that a hammock could occupy Jack, Dean and Miles for the better part of 2 hours. I loved (and at the same time it broke my heart) to watch little 1 year old Charlie doing his best to keep up with his older cousins and big brother. He never got frustrated...he just kept forging ahead, eyes bright and shiny with a big grin pasted across his face.

I also remember fun rides on the cow cart, going as fast as it could up and down the hills on the 1/2 mile out to the main highway from our house. Jack and Dean with their hands up in the air like they were riding the Cornball Express at Indiana Beach! Stopping along the way so they could catch lightening bugs on those warm, endless summer nights so typical of Indiana. Blowing bubbles on the driveway with Jack asking his mom if he could take his clothes off - she said yes and he did. So free, hopping on and off the tricycles, riding through the paths around the woods. Jack with his work ethic, begging me to let him use the leaf blower. You kiddin' me? Here you go, kid, here's the on/off switch and you can start on the front porch. He would blow until the battery ran down. Luckily Grandma had a spare all charged so he could continue with his "fun".

Fourth of July Celebration on Slayter Hill at Purdue. While I sang with the Freedom Singers I could watch you all on the hill tumbling around like puppies, playing, waving flags, meeting up with Kelsi's step-brother and his fiancee and their combined clan. The boys meeting cousin Tyler and his friend Tucker for the first time. Watching fireworks. Having so much fun with T&T and vice versa.

What about the fabled "toy closet". Two pairs of brown eyes filled with wonder as Grandma opened the door that before had only lived in their imagination. Sitting at the table in the basement kitchen busily creating masterpieces that now hang on my refrigerator. Jack standing on a chair mastering the arcade game of "Ms. PacMan". Both staring at wonder at the juke box and I'm sure thinking to themselves, why does Grandma have something like that when mommy has a thing smaller than a cell phone that plays more music?

The Wright Family Reunion where close and distant relation came together. Jack and Dean having fun in the pool with their mom, Uncle Chad, Aunt Jenny, Miles and Charlie along with a bunch of other cousins. What about the water balloon fights back at home after the reunion with Tyler and Tucker? We must have gone through more than 100 water balloons.

Most of all I remember the night before you left. Kelsi came upstairs to report that the boys were tucked in but awake. While Kelsi and Bernie played Euchre with Uncle Dave and Aunt Teri I went downstairs to the bedroom. Jack had fallen asleep but Dean was awake. I laid down beside Dean and while Jack slept peacefully and with Dean's funny little "tree frog" fingers intertwined with mine, telling me he was sad to leave we recounted the entire two weeks. Dean's pipey little voice adding details long forgotten by me. We talked until we fell asleep. I'm not sure who dropped off first but the next thing I knew Kelsi was gently touching my shoulder to wake me.

I had fun - I sure hope you did.

Love, Mom (aka Grandma)

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