Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today I'm grateful for:

  • waking up with two little blond heads nestled snugly under each arm
  • the smell of rain
  • a cough that is finally getting productive
  • a hot, uninterrupted shower
  • toweling off with a freshly laundered towel
  • a hard rain which miraculously ceased just long enough for the soccer game
  • two no-shows for the soccer game which meant that Dean had to play the entire game - it did wonders for his confidence
  • a goal scored by Jack
  • the other mom who showed up who brought with her a gigantic umbrella and bought donuts for the boys
  • thinking ahead when I bought my car to the days in which I'd have two wet, muddy soccer players climbing into the backseat
  • not really caring that I have mud all over the backseat
  • that the sky cleared up long enough to have a backyard game of kickball
  • that Jack can now do word seek games by himself
  • that Dean can entertain himself with blank paper and markers
  • the chicken tortilla soup that Tom bought last week when I was sick that will serve as our lunch today
  • Jack and Dean who are being really good kids today

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