Saturday, February 07, 2009


The boys have been begging me for months to take them roller skating. Almost every week they ask when, when, when are we going to skateland???
Today. Today. Today. I said.

Despite my sneezing fits and watery eyes we went to Skateland for the morning open skate. After a rocky start (Dean forgot about the falling part of skating and Jack just wanted to play video games), we skated for a little over an hour. Dean went from clutching the wall to clutching my hand to skating on his own. Jack went from complaining about not getting to play video games to circling the rink independently. Towards the end, the three of us went around and around hand in hand enjoying the music and stopping every now and then to pick ourselves up off the floor. It was really fun. Then we went to cold stone for ice cream. Now they're hanging out on the couch watching spongebob while I relax for a minute. We're going over to the Sullivans in a bit so they can play with the boys. Paul and I are both flying solo this week so we may as well pool our resources and wear the kids out at the same time. Tomorrow is reserved for chores - the laundry and marketing is waiting.

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