Sunday, February 08, 2009


We have a brief respite from the rain, though it looks like it could roll in again sometime today and it's still cool outside. Jack dressed in all white today, partly out of necessity (the only pants clean) but also because he secretly loves dressing in all white. He looks like an angel. But he wants to look for worms in the mud outside, mud which is comprised partly of manure (trying to grow the grass) and partly of dog poo, and I put my foot down about it. OH, that makes him mad. He hates being told no - can't imagine where he gets that from. He says I never let him have any fun. So I asked him what he wants to do today that is fun. Go to the park he says. I look warily at the sky and say I think it might rain again. Ok, he says, go for a hike? Up a big hill? I smile and say ok but it will have to be in the afternoon when it gets a little warmer and I still have all the laundry to do and we have to go to the farmer's market this morning. Ok, he says and smiles. And then, he asks, can I play the video game on the TV? Yes, I say, let's go inside. We go inside and tell Dean that Jack is going to play the video game on the TV and Dean protests, but I'm watching the news! And it's true, he was watching Meet the Press. I managed to convince him to let Jack play the game and now he's sitting next to me at the kitchen table coloring in his spongebob book. He has drawn the sweetest little jelly fish to enhance the pictures.

Dean lost his second tooth yesterday while we were at the Sullivans. He and Ryan were wrestling or something and Ryan knocked him in the mouth by accident. Dean's tooth was lost in the melee and is still swimming around somewhere in the carpeting. We looked and looked but couldn't find it. Luckily, it was a tooth that was close to falling out anyway so it didn't hurt him. He was more horrified by the blood and I made the mistake of scooping him up and putting him on the bathroom counter where he promptly turned to look at himself in the mirror. Amazingly, none of the blood spilled onto the light colored carpet. We left a note for the tooth fairy to explain why we didn't have the tooth and she left him a 2 dollar bill and a note which says she understands - accidents happen. Dean was so thrilled that she also said how proud she was of the way he takes care of his teeth!

Jack just came over to tell me I need to make some granola for our hike so I must sign off now.

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