Sunday, April 05, 2009


I should be in bed but I'm not sleepy yet. Dean's surgery is tomorrow morning and my mind's still going. We'll leave here at 5:30am and the surgery is at 8:30am. That's awfully early to get up to sit around and wait but we've got books and a leapster to keep him busy so he'll be fine. He's not nervous or anxious or worried in any way, shape or form! We've been talking about it all weekend -- we practiced gargling and we picked out ice cream and pudding. He picked out the pjs he wanted to wear to the surgery and the blanket and stuffed animal he wanted to bring. Jack wanted to come so he can hold Dean's hand but I told him he would stay home with grandma. We bought new toys for them - Dean for being brave and Jack for being a good big brother. Aside from being super rambunctious, they've both been really good this weekend. I really hope that Dean bounces back from this surgery quickly.

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Daria said...

Best of luck with the surgery and your nervous mama nerves. They get pampering and ice cream and tons of attention and we have to see our child go through it and yet keep it together for them. I don't know what surgery he's having, but I'll send lots of warm thoughts and well wishes his way. When it's all done, it's okay for you to have a good relieved cry...and some ice cream, too.