Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ice Skating in Pershing Square

We've had Tom's father here for the last 5 days. We had a great time. On his first night here we had dinner at our favorite Greek place and then toured a nearby neighborhood that always gets decked out for the holidays. Christmas Eve was spent at the Sullivans. Christmas day dawned early - I think we finished unwrapping everything by 9:00am. We had delicious duck hash and poached eggs for breakfast - courtesy of my breakfast chef husband. Christmas dinner was had at Abe's deli because we were all too tired to make anything. The next day, we went whale watching off the coast. We saw hundreds upon hundreds of dolphins. They jumped and swam alongside the boat. We saw 2 fin whales. Dinner was seafood-themed, of course, at Bubba Gump.
Sunday was spent relaxing, playing with new toys, eating too much junk food - topped off with burgers and shakes from In and Out.

And yesterday was ice skating in Pershing Square followed by lunch in Chinatown.

Good times.

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