Friday, January 20, 2006

potty mouth

D has taken to spending mass quantities of time on the potty. He fights going and then when I finally put him on it he instantly pees and poops and then thinks he's got more poop in there so he doesn't want to get up. He stays there for 20 minutes at a time. Literally, when he finally gets up the line of the toilet seat is embedded into his tiny butt. So, we tell him that he should yell for us when he needs us and we leave. Sometimes he yells for us but it's only because he's lonely. So we ask him if he's done, he says no, it's stuck (meaning the poop) and we say, well, call us when you need us. This morning I took a shower while he sat there. When I got out I told him I was pretty sure he was done and that as soon as I got my robe on that he was going to get off the toilet. He sighed, "ok mom. If you think so."

He's three.

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