Monday, May 21, 2007

Hip Hollywood Night

Saturday night we got a babysitter and went out for an early anniversary present. Well, that wasn't how it was planned but Tom toasted me at the restaurant and we realized that we probably won't be out again together before our anniversary and I'll be in Indy during the actual date. So, we went to our favorite sushi restaurant and had our favorite things - spicy tuna on crispy rice cake to start followed by seared albacore. Mmmmm - Eddie? Jealous?
Then we tried a few new things - spicy tuna roll with seared albacore on top with a tower of fried onions. Spicy shrimp on a rice cake - too sweet. Salmon sushi and yellowtail sushi - my mouth is watering as I type. We remembered that we have been going to this restaurant for over 10 years and it has really changed in that time. Not the food, but the customers. It was not even 6:00 and the place was packed. I looked around and there were a lot more 'hip' twenty somethings than I remember seeing before. They even have valet parking now.
Anyway, from there we went to Pinkberry. It's a frozen yogurt place that originated in Westwood (i think?) and was so hip that there were hour long lines just to get a cup. I recently discovered that there was one in the Valley so we went there for dessert.
Not my thing. Too tart. I was expecting more of a TCBY type of thing but it's nothing like that. The best part of it was the oreo cookie pieces that I put on top.
After our dessert, we went to a play in Hollywood that our friend Mark directed and his wife was playing the lead. We haven't been to an off-broadway play in a really long time and I forgot how small the stage is and how close the audience is to the stage. But, it was a great play - really well written and well acted. Clever, sad, funny, sweet. After the show, we chatted with our friends for a bit then drove home - past the long lines waiting to get into the coolest club, past the drunks stumbling along the street, past the new buildings, stores and restaurants that we'll probably never step into - home to suburbia.

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