Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bees and Blossoms

Ever hear of the Build A Bear Workshop? It's a place where you can pick your own teddy bear (or stuffed dog, horse, cow, etc.), stuff it and then choose clothes to go along with it. You get to name it and even get a birth certificate when you leave. Dean chose a cow, named it "Mooch" and picked out a nice bumblebee costume for him. One night, when he was supposed to be putting on his pajamas, Tom wandered in to find that he was trying to put on Mooch's costume. Despite Tom's insistence that it wouldn't fit, Dean persisted. Well, what do you know - it fits!

Look what grew in our Peach tree!! Jack climbed up there so I could get a picture. Well, actually Jack climbed up there because he loves to climb things and he looked so cute surrounded by the blossoms so I made him perch there until I could get a picture.

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