Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick Swim Update and more

No pictures to show today because, well I was so dang excited by what I saw that I couldn't bear to step away for the brief moment to grab the camera from my purse. Jack actually stood on the bottom step, put his face in the water, pushed off and kicked his legs until he reached the instructor about 8 feet away. Dean is no longer afraid to put his face in the water. The instructor is still working on getting his legs straight out behind him but he is opening his eyes under water and is much more comfortable with getting his head wet. Amazing.

In dog-related news, I've been taking Tikka for an hour-long walk or run every day since Monday of last week and she's doing very well on the leash. We've seen all kinds of animals on our walks - bunnies, ducks, blue herons, squirrels, dogs, geese - you get the idea. Well, today we saw a fox. Now, you people know where I live, right? A fox!!! It was cool.

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Anonymous said...

Too much dog news! I need more husband updates.