Monday, May 21, 2007


Day 3 of swim lessons was a much different experience for our Dean. He did not like the going underwater part - not one little bit. Between him and another kid, there was much crying and screaming. So much that his teacher told him at the end of the lesson that he was going to need to leave his screaming voice at home the next day because it really hurts her head.
She said it in the same quiet, matter-of-fact tone of voice that she says everything.
Day 4 was better with some crying but little screaming.
Day 5 there might have been a yelp but by the end of the class he was putting his head in without being prompted and even tried to open his eyes a couple of times.
Jack loves it. He skips to the jumping towel and his legs kick up when he jumps in.
It is amazing to watch them get over their fear. Their teacher told them that this experience would teach them not just to swim but that they could be afraid of something and conquer that fear. It's going to be great for their confidence.
Last night in the tub I was able to pour 2 cups of water on the top of Dean's head without a fight. It has always been a monumental pain in the tush to wash that kid's hair but not anymore.
I can't wait to see what happens tonight!

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